TPMS with inner sensors

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  • TPMS with inner presure sensors
    TPMS with inner presure sensors

 Model #: TPMS-11

Tire Presure Monitoring System
  • 4 x Inner presure sensors, sensor battery replaceable.
  • On-dash control box with display in box front
  • Solar panel on box top to charrge the monitor by sunlight.

Easy installation:
Just fix the contol box/monitor on dash and let it automatically be chareged by sunlight.
For inner sensor installtion: Have to remove the tire from rim to insert the presure sensor on the air inlet nozzle from inside of tire rim. more works!
System activated and display tire presures when car speed over 20Km/H
System in sleeping mode 2 minutes after car stop and shark sensor detects no viberation.